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The Brain Spine and Joint Group is a unique compilation of specialists physicians.  The Group’s doctors are specialized in brain, spinal and orthopedic injuries.  Since these injuries often occur together, The Group is uniquely positioned to care for the needs of simple and complex injured patients. 

Access to the The Brain Spine and Joint Group is based on the “one call” concept.  Referrals are made to a single contact point.  From there The Group’s case managers refer the patient to the appropriate Group specialist.  If the patient suffers from multiple problems, The Group’s case managers will coordinate a consultation with multiple Group physicians.  Since all care is centrally managed, there is one source for scheduling and physician documentation. 

Injured patients are often represented by attorneys.  The Brain, Spine and Joint Group provides a one-step process for attorneys to meet all their clients’ neurological, spinal and orthopedic care needs.  The resources available for the patient’s continuum of care are available with a single phone call.

The Brain, Spine and Joint Group reduces the administrative burden that attorney offices often have in coordinating patient care.  The Group’s case managers arrange the needed consultations and follow up.  The Group also makes certain that all care is appropriately and timely documented.

Lastly, at the end of a case the Group provides a “one-call” access point to arrange satisfaction of any physician liens.  End of case protracted haggling with self-interested parties is a thing of the past.

The Brain, Spine and Joint Group provides convenient access for patients requiring specialized care.  We are one of the largest providers of telemedicine injury consultations in California.  Patients may often receive a consultation in the privacy and convenience of their own home, bringing cancellation and no-show rates to near zero.

When in-person services are required, such as specialty examination and consultation, The Brain, Spine and Joint Group can provide a spectrum of providers to resolve all common injury problems.

The Brain, Spine and Joint Group’ network of providers also means that needed medical procedures, and facilities to perform those procedures, are ready when needed.  Patients will have convenient access to brain injury evaluation and treatments, spinal injections, joint and spine surgery through affiliated facilities.

Offering One-Stop Scheduling, Specialty Referrals and Lien Negotiations for Your Clients and Cases.

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